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A revolutionary system of Internet Recording Studios at Rocket Network enables audio professionals to collaborate online to produce original music from anywhere in the world. Take your creativity and production to the next level.

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Rocket Network provides online music recording studios which allow musicians to collaborate and produce audio recordings with our free software for Mac and Windows.

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Rocket Network includes two key elements, Internet Recording Studios and Studio Centers. An Internet Recording Studio is a virtual workplace where audio professionals meet and collaborate on projects. Rocket Network Studio Centers allow partners and online resellers to offer custom-branded Internet Recording Studios to their existing communities of audio professionals. Rocket Network's revolutionary system provides a cost-effective and convenient complement to traditional studios by reducing production expenses and increasing creative alternatives for professional-quality audio in TV, film, radio, music and Web sites.

Internet Recording Studios are an online compliment to a physical studio, enabling audio professionals to work with anyone, anytime, anywhere. Internet Recording Studios allow users to meet, collaborate, produce, and store original audio online. Hosted by Rocket Network, every Internet Recording Studio is available to its owner 24 hours a day, from any location.

RocketControl is software you install on your Mac or Windows computer that connects your existing audio production or music sequencing software to internet recording studios, allowing you to chat with other users. To collaborate with Digital Audio, you'll also need a RocketPower audio application, such as Steinberg's Cubase VST 32 with RocketPower or Emagic's Logic Audio with RocketPower.


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